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Our Mission Statement "Life's Rewards" !!!

This tiny outpost in the endless void of CyberSpace is dedicated to those who have enough common sense not to Snuff themselves out in the prime of life and to realize "Life's Rewards" . The way to Heaven , if you believe , is to work hard and to do unto others as you wish they would do unto you ! Prophet Dough is not a preacher but a simple man who has learned that happiness can not be reached by waiting for a "Cosmic Pooper Scooper" to lift one's soul to a higher plane . True happiness can be achieved on this planet by lending a helping hand to someone in need , not by wishing on things that can't come true or ending the only life you know you have ! We call this site "Heaven's Late" because one should strive for Heaven but try to get there as late as possible . Wisemen have said "Only the Good Die Young" but I have realized that a lot of Wicked and Despicable people seem to drop-off at the same rate . This statement has not ended , it is a work in progress !!!

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